The Nukkai Challenge

PARIS 2022

Thursday 24th & Friday 25th March 2022

Can an advanced AI beat the world's best bridge players?
Up until now, the answer was no.
But for 4 years, we have been working on a AI that may be able to do that.

Thursday 24th - Friday 25th

Live Stream

⏰ Schedule:

🗓 Thursday 24th

  • 10:30 AM Introduction and warm-up

  • 11:00 AM Match 1: 80 deals

  • 11:50 AM Break

  • 12:00 PM Match 2: 80 deals

  • 12:50 PM Break

  • 02:00 PM Match 3: 80 deals

  • 02:50 PM Break

  • 03:00 PM Match 4: 80 deals

  • 03:50 PM Break

  • 04:00 PM Talk by Cedric Villani, Field Medalist & National Assembly deputy

  • 04:30 PM Break

  • 05:00 PM Match 5: 80 deals

  • 05:50 PM Break

  • 06:00 PM Match 6: 80 deals

  • 06:50 PM Break & closing statement

🗓 Friday 25th

  • 11:30 AM Match 1: 80 deals

  • 12:20 PM Break

  • 12:30 PM Match 2: 80 deals

  • 01:20 PM Break

  • 02:30 PM Match 3: 80 deals

  • 03:20 PM Break

  • 03:30 PM Match 4: 80 deals

  • 04:20 PM Break

  • 05:00 PM Results & Conclusion

A unique challenge

Why is mastering bridge so important for AI?

Gary Marcus

As AI progresses, a central challenge is to move beyond simple games with complete information and towards functioning a more complex real world filled with human agents and incomplete information.
Bridge offers an important microcosm that should be interesting to watch.

Gary Marcus — co-author, Rebooting.AI, Founder, Geometric Intelligence (acquired by Uber)

Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni

Bridge is a perfect illustration of what a multiagent system can be.
It is a distributed game where each agent has only partial view and has to build a strategy under uncertainty and to cooperate with another agent.
My dream is to see a multiagent system winning a world champion in bridge.

Amal El Fallah Seghrouchni — Full Professor at Sorbonne University, Head of Ai Movement at UM6P.

Who are we?

An ambitious team

NukkAI is a private AI lab, whose goal is to build the AI of the future incrementally.

We gathered a solid scientific team, including internationally renowned researchers and younger creative engineers.

We have carried out several projects in fields like energy, education or defense for corporations and governments in order to assess the most interesting applications of our technology, among all the possibilities.

Our approach

An hybrid AI

The originality of our approach is based on its hybrid nature (combination of several AI paradigms), making it possible to process incomplete data in a probabilistic universe while providing explanations to humans.

We believe the future of AI will depend on our ability to combine several AI paradigms (deep learning, symbolic...) to achieve robust hybrid AIs, capable of providing explanations and keeping humans informed of their functionning.

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First Deal

At 38:02, NooK made an interesting choice, as commented by Colin:

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Roy Welland's gambit

Roy's peculiar play style was put on display during the second deal:

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